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I’m currently in a season of learning how to deal with frustration. I’m frustrated with my finances. I’m frustrated with family. I’m frustrated with my house. I’m frustrated with unbelievers. I’m frustrated with my wife. I’m frustrated with this blog and with writing. I’m even tempted to be frustrated with the Lord.

The one consolation I have is that I don’t have to go through this season alone.

Frustration – Going Deeper

How we deal with frustration is an indication of how close we are to the Lord. Circumstances may bring it out, but frustration goes beyond being irritated. People or situations can leave you feeling irritated, but that soon passes. Frustration, on the other hand, lingers. It can steal your hope, crush your spirit, and (if not dealt with promptly) can drive you to despair. Frustration is a heavy burden.

Why is frustration so harmful? The main reason is this; it shows a lack of contentment! I get frustrated because things aren’t going the way I want them to go. It shows that I need to learn to be content with what the Lord works into my life, and trust in Him and His timing – not my own.

That’s a difficult lesson to learn, and yet it’s one we all need to learn. The triggers may be varied but the process is the same. Dealing with frustration is a required lesson for growing in Christ.

In Good Company

The Apostle Paul found this process to be true and learned this valuable lesson through the things he endured. If anyone had opportunity to be frustrated it was him! Paul endured so much that he even went to the Lord and asked Him for some relief. The answer he got, however, was one of redirection.

The principle Jesus shared with him is a universal principle and can be applied by every believer, everywhere, every time. That principle is the vehicle God uses to teach us faith, endurance and reliance on Him alone. That principle is this;

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me.

Being content in Him will help avoid allowing frustration to get a grip on me. It may not be a fun lesson to learn, but it’s invaluable as I learn to trust Him more!

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