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Salvation is a powerful word. What does it mean to ‘be saved?’ Are Christians the only ones who are saved? What are we saved from? What are we saved for? Who does the saving – do we do it ourselves, does God fo it for us, or is it a joint effort? These are important questions which need to be answered with certainty!

Christmas in 2017

A gray, 2 story house with several feet of snow in the fron and side yards, There is a large snowman in the front right of the picture, blue sky overhead, and snow-capped mountains in the background.

I think of a lot of different things when I think of Christmas in 2017. How about you? Shopping, parties, feasting, all are portrayed as why the season is so special, but there is one glaring problem. The emphasis is

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Deception – Part 3

A pathway on the left near a small autumn glen. Vibrant and varied colored fall leaves are seen on the trees and bushes to the right, with small spaces in the tree tops revealing a clear blue sky.

Many people consider themselves to be spiritual, and yet deception plays a huge part in their lives. While many look for some kind of savior, often they look for the savior they want rather than the savior they need. There

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Deception – Part 2

A forest scene in autumn. A tree trunk is in the right foreground with a sunburst peeking around the right side of the trunk, and multi-colored leaves scattered throughout the background.

I have a tendency as a Christian, and that tendency is shared by most every other Christian, too. I have a habit of viewing unbelievers as being deceived. The problem is that I, too, might be subject to deception. Deception

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A forest scene in autumn. A tree trunk is in the right foreground with a sunburst peeking around the right side of the trunk, and multi-colored leaves scattered throughout the background.

There are many signs that seem to indicate we may be living in the Biblical last days. One of those signs is rampant deception, both in the world and in the church. Deception, A Sign of the Times When the

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Is God all-powerful?

Three white marble statues on black marble pedestals representing Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist, with an angel looking on.

I read an honest question on Facebook recently and it deserves to be answered. In fact, many people (Christians included) have the same question. Is God all-powerful? Can God do anything He wants to do? The Bible – Foundation of

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In Name Only

A Missouri sunset of magenta, white and purple clouds, Unaltered image.

Many people show a disdain for those they feel have betrayed the core principles of ideology. We see it in every area of life, and those offenders are often seen as living their principles in name only. Of RINOs and

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Lessons From Las Vegas

View from the top of a mountain, with spruce and pine trees covering the landscape. You look out across a valley to distant mountain tops. There is a dead tree in the right foreground, with a pine tree in the left foreground.

The recent massacre in Las Vegas, NV, is a tragedy of epic proportions. With over 500 victims, it is the largest mass shooting in recent US history. There are a lot of questions about what happened, but the greatest question

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Learn From the Past

A classroom setting viewed from the back of the room. An instructor is standing at the front of the room with about a dozen older adults seated in chair facing her. Light is coming in from open windows on the left side of the room, illuminating the red furniture upholstery and stone walls of the interior.

I see news reports of things happening in the world and those reports continue to seem eerily familiar. Have you noticed that, too? Wars, riots, starvation, and such, all provide a sense of deja vu.  They have been a part

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A multi-colored sunset with clouds of various hues.

I’m currently in a season of learning how to deal with frustration. I’m frustrated with my finances. I’m frustrated with family. I’m frustrated with my house. I’m frustrated with unbelievers. I’m frustrated with my wife. I’m frustrated with this blog

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Give Up, Not Give In

An outdoor stone Sundial, with aged bronze face, is set against a brick walkway background.

Do you ever have the feeling that things aren’t going the way you want or expect them to go? I know I do, and it’s very frustrating. Do you ever face the temptation to give up because of that frustration?

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