Christmas in 2017

A gray, 2 story house with several feet of snow in the fron and side yards, There is a large snowman in the front right of the picture, blue sky overhead, and snow-capped mountains in the background.

I think of a lot of different things when I think of Christmas in 2017. How about you? Shopping, parties, feasting, all are portrayed as why the season is so special, but there is one glaring problem. The emphasis is on the season and not necessarily on Jesus – the reason for the season!

Christmas in 2017

I refuse to be distracted by the commercialism we are bombarded with, and I want to know what it really meant to have Christ come to earth. It doesn’t take a biblical degree to understand the why of Christmas, it only takes some quiet time That’s what I’ve done, and here are a few things I’ve come up with.

God Come to Earth

The most important aspect of Christ’s birth is that GOD CAME TO DWELL AMONG MEN.

Jesus Christ is God in human flesh! He is the second Person of the trinity, the uniquely begotten Son of God. He was, is, and always will be, the Lord of heaven and earth. No other person on the planet, living or dead, can make that claim and then confirm it with a resurrection.

When you look at Jesus you look at God Himself. That fact alone ought to amaze us as we celebrate Christmas in 2017.

Born of a Virgin

Jesus was conceived by the Father through the working of the Holy Spirit. He was not born of an earthly father because He would have been just another sinner (sin is passed from the male to the offspring). He had to be born as the seed of woman, untainted by sin, which allowed Him to retain both His divine and earthly attributes.

There is no other place in Scripture which refers to a woman having seed, except in the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Foretold in Scripture

Dozens of prophecies were fulfilled in the birth of Christ! Some of the events include;

  • The year in which He would be born
  • The city in which He would be born
  • The lineage of His mother and earthly father
  • The fact that He would draw gentiles (non-Jews) to Himself, even as a baby

There is so much more to Christ than what we give Him credit for. As you celebrate Christmas in 2017, I encourage you to take some time and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart about what it all means.

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