Foundations of Evolution – Part 3

A hillside of orange dirt worn away by wind and waves, topped with grasses and trees, The bare roots of the trees are exposed and the trees look weather beaten and gnarled.

The foundations of evolution are filled with assumptions. It is a thread that courses through the entire theory from beginning to end. Evolutionists will deny this, of course, even violently so at times, when confronted with this obvious fact. While they play games with declarative sentences, circular reasoning, semantics, straw man arguments, and obfuscation of the facts, the truth remains.

Strategies Used

What do some of these tactics look like? Let’s take a look.

  • There is no God. That is a declarative statement and evolutionists making it show an amazing amount of bias. They reject the idea of God so they are confined to a naturalistic or materialistic world view. It’s also a perfect example of why they don’t see creation for what it is; they don’t want to see a Creator. How can you claim there is no God when you can’t prove there is no God?
  • There is no God so natural means is all there is, and natural means must be how life started because there is no God. Every atheist thinks this is so, but thinking something is true does not make what is thought truthful. It’s a classic example of circular logic, and evolutionists default to it en masse.
  • Evolution doesn’t encompass abiogenesis. Regardless of the semantics evolutionists use, evolution by any other name is still evolution. What do I mean by that? I mean that despite the ‘name-games’ evolutionists play, the entire theory is based on the assumption that life arose from non-life by natural (material) means. Looking at any public school book or talking with most any evolutionist will verify this fact. Changing the meaning of evolution gives them a way out – at least in their mind.
  • If there’s a God, then why is there so much evil in the world? This is a straw man argument and has nothing to do with the creation-evolution controversy. And yet, it’s employed nearly every single time evolutionists get desperate. If they can change the focus of the argument they can get you off topic. Keep the discussion focus on the topic, not rabbit trails.
  • Professor X states that such-and-such is real science and creationism is anti-science. At that point, typically, a series of ‘proofs’ are provided using scientific or legal arguments. It’s interesting to note that these ‘arguments’ use some (or all) of the faulty tactics we’re talking about. Many times the information they present is biased, incomplete, inappropriate, or purely presumptive logic.

An example I can use is from a recent chat I was involved in. The subject of the Disqus discussion, aptly enough, was the question Is There Bias in the Creation/Evolution Controversy. I have to admit, the display of illogical and irrational excuses I read was impressive. If you take a minute and read through the discussion thread you can see all kinds of examples of the tactics mentioned. One individual got fixated on a court decision which, in itself, was a perfect example of the judge doing the exact same thing!

Sometimes I get frustrated at the nonsense being put forth as science when, in reality, it isn’t science at all. It comes down to people believing what they want despite the evidence otherwise. You may feel the same way, too, but consider the root cause.

A Matter of the Heart, Not the Head

Whether people do or don’t believe in creation (or evolution, for that matter) is not necessarily a problem with science. It’s really is a problem of the heart! People don’t believe in God because they have been misinformed. They don’t believe in God because they have been hurt. They don’t believe in God because they don’t want to believe in Him. The reasons may be many, but the solution is always the same.

We need to show people compassion, not intolerance and anger.

We need to educate them regarding real science when we can. Not in a high-minded way, but with humility and respect.

We need to pray for them!

The only thing that can overcome a reluctant mind is the truth of God’s Word revealed by the Holy Spirit. It’s how you and I got saved. It’s how unbelievers get saved. It’s the plan God put into motion when He created humans as spiritual beings, beginning with Adam and Eve. And, just like Adam and Eve, we have a corrupted sin nature that prevents us from coming to God unless we hear His voice. No amount of evidence will change the human heart unless we hear from the Spirit of God.

Of course, knowing real science doesn’t hurt, either!

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